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Prevention of Issues

These items can break your braces:  crunchy granola bar, popcorn, hard candy, picking, crunchy food, hard crusts, gum. Special caution:  Drinking sodas while you have braces may cause permanent damage to your teeth. Preventing problems with braces:  biting ice, chewing on pens or pencils, chewing caramel, biting whole apple.   Call Dr. Michael Garvey, a […]

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Dr. Garvey thought you would get a kick out of this poem.  Braces (Invisalign) are fun, call for a free consult 636-441-2777, Garvey Team Orthodontics. Wearing braces seems really bad some kids get shy and others get mad.   But don’t be upset they’ll soon be gone you’ll forget they were there and your life […]

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Esthetic Dentistry – Garvey Team Orthodontics

Dr. Garvey loves to do esthetic dentistry in conjunction with other dental specialists!  Many people have lived with spacing of their upper teeth which is often hereditary.  The following four photos present a patient of ours with spacing of his upper front teeth: 1)  Start photo large space between front teeth 2)  After frenectomy and the […]

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