Parts of Your Braces

Parts of Your Braces: GARVEY TEAM ORTHODONTICS, Dr. Michael Garvey in St. Charles, Mo -We make great SMILES 🙂

If you are having problems with your braces, please refer to the picture below and the descriptions to accurately describe your problems when calling our office.

parts of braces1. Bracket: the actual “brace” that is bonded/glued to the tooth and holds the wire.

2. Archwire: the wire that connects and fits into individual brackets.

3. Elastic Ligature: colored ring that holds the archwire into a bracket.

4. Steel Ligature Tie: very small wire that holds archwire into a bracket.

5. Hook: very small arms attached to some brackets that are used to attach rubber bands.

6. Power Chain: several elastic ligatures linked/connected together.

7. Band: metal ring that goes around some back teeth.


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  • October 17, 2012
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